Lithuania coastline

Lithuania is a country of amber – a gold of North and a diamond of the Baltic sea. It is a truly beautiful ‘precious stone’ which is nothing but a mineral formed from conifer tree resin, the drops of which fall in the waters and into the sea – the process takes many years, and the sea just finishes the ‘job’ by making it smooth and by delivering it to the seaside of Lithuania.
Amber is a real pride of Lithuanians, thus lots of legends and myths were born. (A beautiful legend and more stories about amber could be found here:

The most popular usage of amber, as of any precious stone or mineral, is jewelry:
Amber jewelry

Though the process of acquiring amber from under the ground or the sea has turned into an industrial one with machinery and professional stuff employed (as in Lithuania so around the Globe, where amber is found, though a different one), one might still spot single fishermen along Lithuania coastline, who fetch the amber drops from the sea waves after the storms (the best time to pick up the amber) with plain ringnets:


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