‘Trekking the Cliffs of Cinque Terre (Italy)’

Vernazza Vista, Cinque Terre (Italy)
Vernazza Village Vista, Cinque Terre (Italy)

Italy is a country where I feel at home, thus it is my number one favorite destination. I prefer ‘lost lands’, ‘hidden villages’, romantic places, which makes my trip to Cinque Terre National Park a remarkable experience. If you want to learn about how it feels to fear sleeping on the beach in a middle of a storm and actually live in a ‘no wi-fi, no TV, no radio’ apartment for a week, which is literally built into a rock against which the sea waves crash themselves on a stormy night…if you are fond of trekking or were always curious about this…if you are up to local wine and cuisine of Italy’s one of the most enchanting places, please read my article ‘Trekking the Cliffs of Cinque Terre (Italy)’, which could be found via this link: http://travelicious.world/trekking-the-cliffs-of-cinque-terre-italy/

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