Welcome to kunduki.lt website! I am Mari Kava and I am a founder of kunduki.lt.

I was born in Lithuania, a Soviet country at the time, which has been independent for the past 26 years now. My hometown is Klaipeda, which is located along the coastline of the Baltic sea. We have beautiful beaches, impressive dunes, and many more worth your visit. At the moment I live in the capital Vilnius, a modern, vibrant but at the same time very cosy city.

My Bachelor and Master degrees were about Business, Psychology and Law; however, this always ‘co-habituated’ with my artistic hobbies, numerous areas of interest, and surely – passion for travelling and languages. Today I speak or at least understand seven languages: Russian, Lithuanian, English, Latvian, Italian, French, Spanish. Countries I have visited so far: Italy (my No.1 destination) including Sicily and Sardinia, France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Baltic States (Latvia and Estonia), Finland, UK, Denmark, Spain including Canary Islands, Tunisia, USA, Malta, Madeira (Portugal).

I used to do different jobs in pursuit of genuine life-long inspiration and financial independence, from an Animator on a cruise ship to a Project Manager in an IT Company (my current place of work). And I never seized writing, improving my languages and creating, creating, creating…

About kunduki.lt: the name is my own version of the word ‘konduki’, which means ‘to lead’ in esperanto, while ‘lt’ in it stands for Lithuania. The idea behind kunduki.lt is to offer free advice and tips on travelling to and living in Lithuania, other countries I have been to, share with you my ideas and stories not only on travelling, but also on language learning, home design, books, and many more. I just enjoy writing this blog through sharing with you all the creative and perhaps even crazy stuff I am up to.

Should you require a personalized agenda created for your visit to Lithuania (or any other country I have been to), need a companion for your trip (whether it is a culture-oriented one or a ‘pub crawl’) or you want something from Lithuania to be sent over to you, or you would like me to write for you – this is what kunduki.lt is here for! Drop me a message at kundukilt.m@gmail.com and we’ll agree on conditions.

I hope you will enjoy the encounter with me and we’ll be able to become friends and/or work together on creative projects!

Thanks for stopping by!


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